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Modern Tabletop Concrete Fire Pit, Indoor Outdoor, Clean Flame Mini Fire Pit, Home Decor, S'mores cooker, Clean Burning Fire Bowl

🔥 A handmade tabletop concrete fire pit with a stainless steel insert and cork bottom to protect your counter. Designed for use with clean burning rubbing alcohol commonly found in households. 🔥

🤲 Every Firepit is handmade by a small shop based in U.S.A. This design features a stainless steel cup that holds up to 5 ounces of fuel. 🤲

☘️ Please sure you use the correct fuel when using this Indoor/Outdoor fire pit. (isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol) ☘️

🦺 SAFETY FIRST 🦺 Firepits produce a large open flame which can be dangerous when used wrongly. Keep away from flammable objects. Keep away from the edges of tables and counters to keep the Firepit from being knocked off. Do not move the firepit while lit. Do not touch firepit while burning or soon after as it will be hot to the touch.

✋Each piece is handmade meaning no two pieces are the same and you receive your own unique piece.🤚
Please be aware that colors may vary slightly due to each item being handmade and each phone/computer screen with varying vibrancy.

📏 Width: 5.5 Inches - Height: 3.5 Inches 📏