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DnD D20 Scented Candle 14oz, Game Room Decor, Concrete Candle, Dungeon Master Gift, Dungeon Decor, Dragon Candle, Gift For Geek, DM Gift

A Hand-poured Scented Candle within a reusable cement vessel handmade by me personally. This 14oz candle comes in many different scents featuring two wood wicks.
Vessels will slightly vary in marbled pattern and coloring as each is handmade.

Once the candle is finished, just a little cleanup and these vessels make great succulent planters, catch-alls, etc....

-Coconut Lime: A tropical blend of lime and coconut.
-Fresh Lemon: Pucker up to the sparkling splashes of citrus delight with luscious accords of juicy lemon.
-Sweet Lavender: A sweet floral field of lavender.
-Special Pine: The aroma of evergreen trees in the forest.
-Coffee Caramel: Fresh brewed coffee blended with caramel cream. Delicious!
-Sage: A soothing scent of fresh herbal sage.
-French Vanilla: A delicious mixture of smooth vanilla and sugar.
-Strawberry Jam: A mouth-watering smell of sweet strawberry and sugar.
-Birthday Cake: A delicious blend of creamy butter and vanilla.
-Peppermint: A strong refreshing peppermint scent.
-Cinnamon Sugar: A sweet blend of cinnamon and sugar.
-Eucalyptus: A stimulating scent to awaken the senses.
-Ocean Breeze: A clean and fresh scent with a hint of mint.

-Length:6.5 Inches
-Width: 3.25 Inches
-Height: 3 Inches
-14 Fluid Ounces

Materials: Soy