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Concrete Skull Cigarette Ashtray, Outdoor Ash Dish, Human Skull, Gothic Decor, Smoker Gift, D&D Ash Tray, Cigarette Holder, Skull Decoration

🚬 A solid concrete ashtray that's made to last indoors and outdoors 🚬

💀 This Unique skull design features 4 grooves designed to hold your cigarette stable and soft felt pads on the bottom to prevent scratching of your counter 💀

ğŸŽ¨ Available in 8 different colors with options being found on the second image of the listing ğŸŽ¨

✋ Each piece is handmade meaning no two pieces are the same and you receive your own unique piece. Please be aware that colors may vary slightly due to each item being handmade and each phone/computer screen with varying vibrancy. 🤚