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8 oz DnD Candle, Full Roleplay Dice Set, Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set , DM Gift, D20 Dice, Dungeon Master, Mystery Dice Set, Scented Candle

DnD Dice Set, Scented DnD Candle, Dungeons and Dragons, Scented Candle.

A Hand-poured Scented Candle each containing a hidden full set of 7 DnD Roleplay game dice. The matching set of dice will be of a random color and found wrapped in tinfoil at the bottom of the candle when burned. The candle is in a reusable cement vessel handmade by me personally which can later be used as a succulent planter, keepsake jar, etc... Each Vessel comes with a cement lid to retain scent and avoid cold throw. This 8oz candle comes in many different scents featuring a slow-burning wood wick.
Vessels will slightly vary in marbled pattern and coloring as each is handmade.

Once the candle is finished, just a little cleanup and these vessels make great succulent planters, catch-alls, etc....

-Coconut Lime: A tropical blend of lime and coconut.
-Fresh Lemon: Pucker up to the sparkling splashes of citrus delight with luscious accords of juicy lemon.
-Sweet Lavender: A sweet floral field of lavender.
-Special Pine: The aroma of evergreen trees in the forest.
-Coffee Caramel: Fresh brewed coffee blended with caramel cream. Delicious!
-Sage: A soothing scent of fresh herbal sage.
-French Vanilla: A delicious mixture of smooth vanilla and sugar.
-Strawberry Jam: A mouth-watering smell of sweet strawberry and sugar.
-Birthday Cake: A delicious blend of creamy butter and vanilla.
-Peppermint: A strong refreshing peppermint scent.
-Cinnamon Sugar: A sweet blend of cinnamon and sugar.
-Eucalyptus: A stimulating scent to awaken the senses.
-Ocean Breeze: A clean and fresh scent with a hint of mint.

-Length:6.5 Inches
-Width: 3.25 Inches
-Height: 3 Inches
-8 Fluid Ounces